Charles Ortleb, the publisher of New York Native and author of The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up, interviews Hillary Johnson, the first journalist to cover the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic in Rolling Stone. She is also the author of Osler's Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic. Visit her website for all her latest reporting. All of Charles Ortleb's books about HHV-6, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, AIDS and the politics of science can be found at



Listen to "The Lady Upstairs," the album on Spotify inspired by The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up. Lyrics by Charles Ortleb. Music and performance by Chris Davidson. This album is also available on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Google, and Deezer. Please help raise awarness about Chronic Fatiue Syndrome by including these songs on your Spotify list and by sharing them with your friends and family.


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