This is a show that could revolutionize the way people look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS. Charles Ortleb discusses Jonathan Lyon, who has written Carnivore, a novel that is a "revenge tragedy" inspired by his struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Lyon may soon become the most talked-about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome victim in the world. Jonathan Lyon has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for ten years, and in Attitude magazine he reports that he watched his "dad die of HIV." Lyon's condition is referred to as non-HIV AIDS by former National Cancer Institute researcher Judy Mikovits. Ortleb asks the painfully obvious question of whether there is a connection between Lyon's "non-HIV AIDS" and his father's "HIV AIDS." Ortleb also urges Lyon to follow the bold and honest path of CFS activist Karen Lambert rather than celebrity CFS sufferers Laura Hillenbrand and Jennifer Brea. Lambert has been quite vocal about the contagiousness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its connection to AIDS. Ortleb argues that Hillenbrand and Brea are squandering their opportunities to educate the public while they whitewash the disease and fail to discuss all the science (and journalism) that support the reality that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a contagious illness and a public health emergency. All of Charles Ortleb's books can be found at


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