Charles Ortleb, the author of Truth to Power, discusses the arguments of the Perth Group, the Australian scientists who have been under attack from the AIDS establishment for many years for insisting that HIV was never properly isolated and that all the diagnostic tools and treatments for AIDS are based on a major scientific error. Ortleb argues that that the Perth Group has not received the credit for their major contribution because their idea about what does cause AIDS is a kind of homophobic scapegoating theory that AIDS is caused by the oxidative stress resulting from gay lifestyle issues. While they deserve credit for calling AIDS a disease that involves oxidative stress, they fail to recognize that a pandemic of virally-caused oxidative stress is being caused by the family of HHV-6 viruses which Ortleb refers to as "The Fifty Shades of AIDS Viruses." The work of French scientist Etienne de Harven is also discussed. De Harven argues that HIV is being confused with harmless endogenous retroviruses in AIDS patients. Ortleb argues that recent work shows that the other AIDS virus, HHV-6, reactivates a very harmful endogenous retrovirus called HERV-K18 which acts like a "superantigen" that can dysregulate the immune system. HERV-K18 may show that all of these scientists were on the right track but didn't see that HHV-6 was causing a much bigger epidemic than AIDS (which includes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and was creating confusion by introducing confounding endogenous retroviral issues. Ortleb also suggests that Dr. Jose Montoya, who hinted in a prior show that he is looking at the role of reactivated and harmful endogenous retroviruses in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, may finally sort all of this out if he can show that a destructive endogenous retrovirus is part of the puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That finding could finally show that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and AIDS are actually one variable and multisystemic epidemic of immune dysfunction. 
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